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Farfalle Alfredo

October 3, 2012

Leftover cream cheese, store-cupboard pasta, bacon in the fridge and petits pois in the freezer… All adds up to a suitably Autumnal meal. Delish.

We like black pepper….

Spag Bol

October 2, 2012

Drat it – editing this as it didn’t load last night. That + no camera battery = less than brilliant start.

We had Spag Bol and it was scrummy. Leftovers in the fridge, so suggestions welcome – not sure if lasagne will count as we’ve had it in the challenge before but with different ingredients. This requires some thought.

H despises celery, so I used peppers instead, and I’m generous with mushrooms because I’ve grown to like them. It’s not real Spag Bol because we don’t use chicken livers (as Delia recommends) but more so because we had it with farfalle (butterflies!). Still yum, though.

Cajun chicken pasta

October 1, 2012

In the finest tradition of this blog, we’re a day late in starting. We meandered home from our holiday in Ruthin (North Wales, gorgeous, recommend a visit) via a stop in Llangollen (also lovely – we need to go back for a proper explore) and by the time we got home there was just about time for toast and then to bed.

We stayed in a fabulous boutique hotel that describes itself as a “restaurant with rooms” and doubles as an art gallery – Llinos Lanini was exhibiting while we stayed and her photographs were breath-taking. We were lucky enough to meet her, which was particularly brilliant as she told us where she was when she took H’s favourite photograph from the exhibition (so we went there; it was just up the road) and talked to me about my favourite in the collection, which was taken in Bute Park!

We ate in the restaurant on our first evening, and the food certainly deserves the Michelin recommendation. Andrew had the soup followed by duck and was highly impressed, and I had the risotto followed by pigeon, which was incredible. We shared a side of green beans which were simply but beautifully scrumptious. Both of us had to admit defeat without clearing our plates because of the generous portions, and I was in awe of the couple that managed to fit in a dessert as well. The service was fantastic, but it was a little awkward that all the diners were elbow-to-elbow in the conservatory with an empty dining room out of sight of the road. It makes the restaurant look busier and more enticing for passers-by, but makes casual conversation more stilted.

Our booking included breakfast, and having feasted the night before we were looking forward to a magnificent repast. H’s Eggs Benedict was delicious, but I couldn’t finish the lukewarm beans or the sausage, which had clearly been kept warm for some time and wasn’t the quality of pork or herbs that I’d been expecting. More disappointingly, and in complete contrast to the night before, the service was utterly perfunctory. I’ve stayed in B&Bs across the UK, including places as far afield as Manchester, Cambridge and Llandudno, where the owners have recommended local sights, activities and places to eat. Not so the case here – the co-proprietor only engaged with the guests for them to place their order, and busily cleared tables around us without uttering a word.

On Sunday we had a far better experience in terms of a much friendlier service, and my fruit salad was rather good, but H’s full Welsh breakfast didn’t really hit the mark. We shall certainly be going back to the area, but looking for a self-catering cottage.

Tonight we’re back to cooking for ourselves, and we’ve started the renewed challenge with cajun chicken pasta. It’s light and tasty, and distinctly reminiscent of green Thai chicken curry. Even halving the recipe this was generous and certainly something we’ll be making again. Looking forward to having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Cajun chicken pasta

Sprinkled with spring onion

The spring onions work really well with the spice of the cajun and the medley of peppers, mushrooms and red onions in a lightly creamy sauce. This would probably work well with rice as well as linguine.

Cooking 101

September 20, 2012

Having committed to a 365 challenge, it irritated me a little that we didn’t see it through. The 264 meals that we had made us look at cooking in a totally different way, and the outstanding 101 niggled – how much more would we have discovered? Also, abandoning the project meant we got a little lazy; we had over 200 meals we could pick from – why look for something new? Well, the answer turned out to be “because we miss the excitement”. Now life is back on a more even keel we’ve had time to think about it, and we’ve agreed… The last meal in the challenge was September 29th 2011. On September 30th 2012, refreshed from a boutique holiday in North Wales, it’s all back on!

That’s all folks

October 6, 2011

101 meals shy of the challenge, life offline means that I’m throwing the towel in on this for now. Thank you for reading, commenting and enjoying (I hope). It was an adventure.

Spicy beef with a tomato salad

September 29, 2011

A BBC Good Food recipe, this is quick, tasty and cheap – what more could one want? Well, photos obviously. Damn.

Beans on toast

September 28, 2011

A British classic with H’s inspired and scrumptious twist of an added dash of cumin and plenty of freshly grated black pepper, as well as the obligatory smudge of butter. With sausages and bacon nestled under the beans. Warming, comforting, simple. What more could you want?

Beans on toast, steaming hot

Piping hot