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All my own recipes, all in one place!

I’m  adding to this throughout the year as I create my own meals or re-invent recipes that I’ve used before. If it’s not listed here then it should be credited in the original post. If I’ve missed any please comment on that post to let me know! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Chicken mulligatawny soup


Yung fat chow fan


Asparagus tip macaroni with roast tomato and bacon
Broccoli and bacon with chilli pesto pasta
Mac’n’cheese with a twist
Spring greens and bacon with creamy farfalle

Tagliatelle, lettuce, petits pois and bacon in a creamy sauce


Chicken fajitas
Chicken tikka masala
Creole chicken with dirty rice and sweetcorn
Harissa chicken with roast vegetable cous cous
Hot paprika chicken with spring greens

Lime and pepper chicken tortillas

Roast chicken breast with red veg

Spicy Spanish chicken


Leek and bacon tart
Roasted sausage and pepper sauce
Sausage roasted with balsamic vinegar and romano pepper
Spicy cumin sausage sauce with mangetout and chickpeas


Hungarian goulash with rice
Slow-cooked beef with lumaconi


Eat-your-greens frittata
Welsh rarebit

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