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Bellini’s, St David’s 2, Cardiff

September 8, 2011

I’m a cub scout leader, and we start back from the summer break next week. Tonight the leaders met up in Bellini’s for a meal, a catch-up, and to plan the winter term.

The service was friendly and relaxed; we had plenty of time to chat and settle while we waited for the whole party to arrive and although they suggested starters, sides and desserts, they did so without ever getting pushy. The food was fairly prompt and rather good, and quite well-priced (we took advantage of their 241 offer, using vouchers from their site).

I had the pasta genovese, with freshly made pesto. It had generous helpings of chicken and a verdant green pesto as well as a generous portion of Parmesan. I particularly liked the whole toasted pine nuts, but could possibly have enjoyed it slightly more with fresher pasta and slightly less oil. I didn’t have a dessert, but those that did enjoyed them.

There’s a rather stunningly good value lunch menu, which I’d recommend going back for.

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