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Mezza Luna, Cardiff

August 8, 2011

Courtesy of Groupon, we had a rather fantastic deal for two three-course meals in Mezza Luna. We took the tactical decision to book it tonight to counteract the slight funk that can accompany the first day back in work after long hols.

We ordered starters to share from the hot mezza menu: kafta balls in a coriander tomato sauce and sujuk (smoked beef sausages) with halloumi. The kafta balls quite tasty, but the sujuk and halloumi was the real winner: very moreish. H had the tagine dejaj for his main and I had the shish taouk, which was really scrumptious. We were stuffed by the time the dessert menu came round, but having committed to a three-course meal we bravely rose to the challenge and had a rather standard chocolate ice cream and some lukewarm apple pie.

They were pretty busy for a Monday, which excused the slow service, and the staff were wonderfully friendly and did apologise for the delay.

If you go on a weekend there is live belly-dancing, which sounds like it could be quite good fun; I think we’ll be back for a family meal out, although we’ll keep to just the two courses. Ambling home full of food and contentment down City Road we couldn’t see a single riot, despite the rumours on Twitter. There was a mildly irritable pigeon, but that was the extent of it.


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