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Airline meal

August 4, 2011

My little brother’s flying back home tonight. In sympathy for his thirteen-hour flight, we’re also eating airplane-style this evening.

Mile high club dinner

The main meal is a BBC Good Food recipe for black olive and tomato chicken served with orzo and tenderstem broccoli. I’m indebted to @acatwithnoname and @gourmetgorro for helping source the orzo – I’d spent a lot of time describing it to bemused shop staff, before finally tracking some down in the Western Avenue Tesco.

The starter is a simple mix of roasted red peppers, mozarella balls and halved cherry tomatoes. The bread roll and the crackers are fairly self-explanatory, as is the Gü dessert (as served on Virgin Atlantic). The miniature cheese, cola and wine were all from Sainsbury’s (we’ve now got a stash of various tiny cheeses), and we’ve taken a trip down memory lane to when you were allowed metal cutlery on board. Long-term readers may recognise the napkins from our Royal Wedding feast.

We served the main and the starter in tupperware for that boxy airline look: I stopped short of creating a menu card or making a safety announcement. I believe the majority of commercial carriers don’t need to include warnings about irritable cats underfoot, which would be an essential for us.

You may be able to tell that I’m still on annual leave at the moment – last time it resulted in making my own filled pasta. I’m back in work on Monday and will return to throwing together last-minute meals while muttering about foolish 365 challenges: service as normal.

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  1. August 5, 2011 7:51 am

    Well worth the effort you went to. This is hilarious!

  2. August 5, 2011 12:42 pm

    Thank you! It was great fun to plan and put together. Many thanks for the orzo help!

  3. August 5, 2011 1:05 pm

    Absolutly brilliant!

  4. August 5, 2011 1:57 pm

    Cheers! Love your Grand Prix-themed meals – great idea.

  5. August 5, 2011 4:37 pm

    Can’t believe they sell orzo in tesco! I’ve been looking everywhere for it!

  6. August 5, 2011 11:51 pm

    And Sainsbury’s (with the Gourmet Merchant stuff – spotted by @acatwithnoname) and in Wally’s (but they’d sold out). It was a mission to find it and @gourmetgorro was the one who put me onto Tesco.

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