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The Woodville, Cardiff

August 3, 2011

The Woodville (or the Woody) is a friendly, slightly kitsch Scream pub that’s popular with students and that we’ve been frequenting for longer than I care to remember. It was the closest pub to my undergraduate lectures and we lived just up the road in my final year. We’ve seen in the New Year there and I’ve had a drunken but memorable leaving do in their downstairs bar. They have a loyalty “Yellow Card” for students, which can be purchased on production of a valid NUS. I’m prouder of my Yellow Card for Life (I like to think of it as more of a Gold Card, really) than I care to admit. The staff are great, and they sell Brothers Pear cider on tap, which is fabulous: we rock up on a fairly regular basis.

They’ve just brought in a new menu, including a rather more extensive wine menu with some decent pinks. Although they sadly haven’t re-introduced their fabulous tagliatelle, the chicken and bacon salad is better than its predecessor and is in their wallet-friendly 2 for £6.50 deal with the southern-fried chicken, which determined the meal choice for the night.

Chicken and bacon salad with garlic croutons

Southern-fried chicken and chips

Good quality pub grub at reasonable prices. We sat in the downstairs garden, a hidden gem with some quirky little features, which can be something of a sun-trap if you time it right. One of the great things about this pub is the individual character it maintains despite being part of a national chain (which means you can use your yellow – or gold – card as far afield as Edinburgh, as we did three summers ago). I especially like the fresh yellow flowers on the tables in Spring and the nesting boxes in the garden. Also – free wifi. Ace.

Worth remembering that it’s something of a scrum on a Wednesday afternoon in term-time, so not the best time to pop in for a quick lunch. Better to come after work on a Monday for Quids night and play with their charity shop-salvaged board games. Compensating for missing pieces or absent instructions requires innovation best inspired by cocktails.

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