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Cardiff Arts Institute, Cardiff

July 20, 2011

The Cardiff Arts Institute (formerly Incognito) is achingly quirky and different; it’s not a pub but a “canteen, social Club, music room”. It has a lego wall, which is fabulous.

There’s a two for £10 meal deal on before 5 and we manage to order just in time. We ordered burgers (a handy barometer of a gastropub kitchen). The food took a while to arrive despite the place being quite quiet (surprisingly so, considering the fact that it’s Cardiff University’s graduation week and gowns are being collected from City Hall, just across the road). The waiter did apologise pretty sincerely for the delay when he brought the food, which was nice.

The chips are amazing: deliciously crunchy double-cooked home-made Maris piper delights. The burgers are made from good quality beef and the buns are above par, with a pretty decent salad on the side. Presentation could have been better: the plates were smudgy and the burger bun was sitting in a pool of salad dressing. Still, pretty good.

I quite fancy going back for their Sunday roast and reggae.

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