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Chicken jalfrezi with saag aloo and basmati rice

July 19, 2011

It’s been a long and busy day, so tonight is another quick fix. We have leftover chicken from our Sunday roast, so half goes into this and the other half into the freezer for another meal.

I’d originally picked up a jar of tikka masala sauce on the way home, but H pointed out that we’d already had chicken tikka masala this year (“made with paste though, not sauce!” I protested). To be certain, I nipped out to the corner shop and picked up a jar of Sharwood’s jalfrezi. See, dear reader – we really are taking this challenge seriously. And just 166 more days to go!

With plain boiled white rice


The jar says to cook on the hob, but we learned long ago that you can sling chicken in a casserole dish with a jar of sauce and bake in the oven. All you need to do is adjust the cooking time according to whether the chicken is fresh or frozen, and throw in some chopped red pepper towards the end for flavour and texture. Scrummy dished up with basmati rice and saag aloo.

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