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Nigella’s spatch-cocked poussin

July 3, 2011

Tonight is the halfway marker in the year-long challenge for a different meal each night. I’m pretty delighted that we’ve made it this far and we’re really looking forward to the next six months (or 182 meals!). It’s a tenuous connection, but to celebrate the halfway point we’re having half a poussin each with a feisty green salad and giant croutons, using Nigella’s recipe from her Kitchen book.

With toasted croutons and pinenuts

Nigella describes this as a “treaty and altogether romantic weekend supper for 2” and she’s quite right: this is a delicious meal which looks striking and really delivers on flavour. The poussin is moist and succulent with crispy skin, and I really like the way the toasted pine-nuts,  caramelised garlic and soused sultanas complement the rest of the salad. The combination of rocket, watercress and spinach makes for a great base and the croutons were made from the loaf we baked yesterday, which was sprinkled with sunflower seeds. Utterly delectable.

I’m also a little bit proud that I made a fairly neat job of spatchcocking the poussin.  I thought I’d be much more squeamish about the whole process, but it’s actually pretty simple, and I managed with just the kitchen scissors.

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