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Quick bean and chorizo chilli

June 27, 2011

On Mondays I’ve got a pretty quick turnaround from getting home to leaving for the Scout hut, so I plan quick and easy meals that I can rustle up in twenty minutes or so. This is from the BBC Good Food site, and it involves a slight cheat in that it expects you to have a chilli tomato sauce prepared, which you can make beforehand (as I did, knocking a cheeky little sauce up last night).

On a bed of wild rice with torn lettuce

The chorizo is delicious and the flavour diffuses well across the chilli, but it would probably be better diced rather than sliced. I’m a longtime fan of wild rice for its nutty flavour, so it was a treat to have it again. This did deserve a slightly more adventurous salad than torn lettuce, so I’d aim to use darker greens and some peppers or tomatoes in the future.

Even with all the changes I’ll make the next time I dish this up, it’s still a great midweek meal that’s ready in just under twenty minutes.

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