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Las Iguanas, Cardiff Bay

June 17, 2011

The Boys are back in town! H and I went to watch the Lady Boys of Bangkok with Mum and Dad this evening in the Sabai Pavilion in Roald Dahl Plass. Dad and H weren’t convinced at first, but had a blast – it’s a fabulous cabaret floor show with stunning costumes, clever set-pieces, great routines and some class comedy moments: the parodies alone are worth the ticket price. If you live in Cardiff, please go – you’ll have a wonderful time.

We went for a meal in the Mermaid Quay Las Iguanas beforehand. I don’t know how they manage it, but Las Iguanas always seem to have great staff, good service and tasty food. In fairness, the last time we ate in the Bay was at Strada, and our waitress there was fantastic too. Excellent customer service really makes a meal a memory, whereas surly waiting staff can completely ruin an occasion.

We were seated by quarter to six, which meant we were in time to take advantage of the great lunch time offer. H and I were there early, so we celebrated Happy Hour with cherry fizzes, which were zestily delicious with a lingering cherry aftertaste.

We had nachos for the table to start, which arrived pretty promptly. Rather than the usual stack of tortilla chips loaded with guacamole, soured cream and salsa, these were laid out in a rectangular dish with separate dollops of dip and scattered jalapeños. It looked quite smart, and I’m planning to copy it the next time I host a Tex-Mex night.

For mains we ransacked the quick and light lunch bites menu. I had the chicken enchilada with refried beans and coriander rice, H and Mum both had the ‘blazed bird’, H in its spicy barbecue jerk incarnation and Mum the honeyed peri peri version, whereas Dad opted for my usual favourite: the classic burger with melted cheese and chipotle ketchup. My meal was delicious – the refried beans were piquant and peppery, the rice light and fluffy, the chicken and peppers were perfectly spiced and the tortilla and cheese completed the dish. H enjoyed his chicken and fended me off his fries – clear plates all round. If you order the  chicken though, do ask for a steak knife to navigate the bones.

A great night in all. Expect something very simple tomorrow as I’m out all day at a theme park with the cubs and suspect I’ll be shattered when I get home.

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