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Dizzy Llama Restaurant, Churchill Way, Cardiff

May 5, 2011

A friendly little restaurant tucked away downstairs on Churchill way, I think this is worth a return visit with H. L and I went along to attend Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Reboot, the latest (and our first) Cardiff Girl Geek dinner.

It’s a really great little venue – very cosy and quite friendly. There’s a short but respectable wine list with a very reasonable house pink and we soon got chatting to other Cardiff girl geeks over nibbles. The speaker for the evening was Amanda Bolt, who interspersed her description of work in the City and setting up her own business with practical career advice about aspiration planning, goal-setting, re-evaluation and networking, as well as the importance of preparing for change from lifestyle choices or market impact. A really interesting talk in all, with some rather useful pointers.

The meal was a beef lasagne (the vegetarians had spaghetti with a vegetable sauce). It’s so common these days to see businesses advertise home-made food when they mean ‘microwaved on site’ ; in contrast this was hot from the oven and tasted delicious. The accompanying salad was fresh, springy and well-dressed. Having had a look at the menu, I certainly want to go back and try more – although I’ll probably do it with a blagger’s voucher.

Home-cooking and pictures return tomorrow!

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