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Sloppy Joes with fries and a salad

April 19, 2011
Sloppy Joes: like burgers, but messier

It’s a stunningly warm and sunny day in Cardiff, improbably so for April, and the salad section of my local supermarket had been ravaged by shoppers intent on barbecues and sun-worship long before I arrived on the scene.  For some reason, I have decided that we can have fries with a meal so long as we have a salad as though the two magically cancel each other out, so I foraged for courgette and red pepper to combine with cucumber and rocket for a salad solely so that I could guiltlessly buy oven chips.

Lovely healthy salad

Fries: totally healthy when eaten with salad. Well, wouldn't it be nice if it were true?

All the hamburger buns had long since been purchased and were probably already toasting on grills across Cathays as I surveyed the lonely racks of bakery, before espying some soft bread rolls which would be perfect for mini-Joes.  Thus equipped, I set about making an American classic that I’d read about so often but never actually seen.

There are hundreds of variations on the Sloppy Joe on t’interweb, and the one I landed on came from I followed their suggestion about subbing carrot with red pepper and blithely increased the chopped onion content so as to leave out their suggestion of celery.

It’s a pretty moreish meal – fairly messy, which is to be expected, and far more filling than I anticipated.

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