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Honey and cumin roast chicken with buttered carrots

March 25, 2011

I love the way the smell of roasting chicken drifts from the oven, filling the flat with the promise of succulent satiety and driving the cat to distraction.

Corn-fed cumin and honey roast chicken rested in foil

I relish the thought of the leftovers forming two or even three meals – four if I’m virtuous and make stock from the carcass. We fancied something less traditional than the standard Sunday roast chicken with roasties and peas, and stumbled across this BBC Good Food recipe which cooks the carrots under the chicken.

Ready to roast

I speed-peeled the last of the courgettes and half a cucumber, which we had with watercress, spinach, rocket, olive oil and lemon juice for a side salad.

A stripy green salad

It had a lovely lightness to it which works well with the intense flavour of the chicken. The gravy is deeply delicious; buttery, sweet and infused with garlic and the dusk of cumin. The carrots are done to a turn, and can’t take up too much room on the plate.

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