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Tomato, pepper and olive beef sauce with cous cous

March 22, 2011

At the beginning of the month we had a slow-cooked Italian beef stew, with potatoes for H and pasta for me, and froze the leftovers. We had the first batch with wild rice and broccoli about a week after, which was lovely. Today we had the last of it with red pepper, baby plum tomatoes and harissa cous cous alongside another helping of tenderstem broccoli. If nothing else, this goes to show that batch-cooking doesn’t have to result in repetitive meals.

A wonderful selection of colour on the plate

The cous cous would have been great with either the pepper or the tomatoes, but the combination of the two and a teaspoon of harissa resulted in a particularly lovely fusion of flavours.

For a meal which was created through reheating, some light chopping, and adding boiling water to a pan and a bowl, this looked and tasted as though it had taken significantly more effort. Which is something of a bonus, really.

Of the three ways we served this H preferred the cous cous accompaniment and I’d go for wild rice again; we both agree it works well with broccoli.

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