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March 15, 2011

After a couple of nights of real cooking, this feels like a total cop-out: the sauce is the leftover slow-cooked beef I made and froze earlier this month, so all I need to do is make the white sauce (using Delia’s fabulously simple all-in-one method), layer and fling in the oven. Simples!

We’d normally have petits pois with this, but as we’ve got sugar snaps and rocket in the fridge it seemed ludicrous not to use those as a more interesting side. Technical issues mean no photo, so here’s one of yesterday’s rocket salad:

A really simple rocket salad side

The slow-cooked beef sauce makes a really delicious base to the lasagne and the sugar snaps with rocket salad are a far more interesting addition to the dish than the petits pois that we’ve traditonally paired it with. It just goes to show that even old favourites are getting re-invented for the better through the challenge!

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