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Chicken, cheese and artichoke pancake bake

March 8, 2011

The last time I made pancakes it was an absolute, all-out disaster and I sulked about it. I was determined to have a go at a savoury pancake dish for Shrove Tuesday, so I made up a batch of pancakes on the Monday on the basis that if the result was another frying pan of scrambled batter I could chuck it and use store-bought, but I would have tried.

As it turned out, making my own batter was a cinch and H is a champion pancake-flipper. Success! We wrapped them in foil and refrigerated, ready for tonight’s pancake bake, recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food.

Cheesy pancake bake and crispy crunchy salad

It’s a pretty straightforward recipe and the result is a wonderously filling meld of molten cheese, chicken and artichoke in roast pepper pesto pancake parcels, which would be an ideal welcome home from a day out walking in the brisk wintery winds. It does need a crisp and crunchy salad side for an additional texture, but something as simple as a combination of watercress and chopped red capsicum pepper in lemon and olive oil is enough to bring in that contrast.

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