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Cumberland sausage ring on mustard mash with buttered spinach

February 27, 2011

H and I have been on a St David’s Day walk with the local branch of the rambling association – our first organised ramble! After 6 miles of moderate walking with some rather steep uphill stretches we were looking forward to something warm and comforting when we got in.

I tried a new way of making mash – we’d bought rooster potatoes and I cooked them in their skins in boiling water for 40 minutes and then peeled them. Even with time to cool you need asbestos fingers! Just return to the pan and add beaten egg (leftover from yesterday’s glaze), butter, milk and mustard before mashing until creamy. Lovely.

I cooked the sausage rings in the oven, turning them occasionally, and I wilted some spinach with a smidge of butter at the end to add some green to the plate. I’m still taken by surprise by how condensed spinach gets, and must learn to be far more generous when dishing it into the frying pan. Its vivid green and peppery flavour really pulls the whole meal together.

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