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Balsamic and orange pork with watercress and avocado

February 18, 2011

I was a notoriously willful and fussy child. Ludicrously so. There are whole chapters of family anecdotes that surround my refusal to eat food (I still won’t eat potatoes, and roast dinners at my parents include my long-suffering mother providing a bowl of pasta and some uncooked carrot batons for me).

One of the battlefields was pork – I will happily wolf down bacon (smoked, back bacon) and sausages (must be at least 65% actual pork) but I don’t eat gammon or pork mince or any other form of pig.

H has long argued that I am likely to enjoy pork steaks if only I agree to actually try them. Faced with a long list of food that I have only countenanced since reaching adulthood (mushrooms, really strong cheddar, spinach and butternut squash, to name a few) and an offer on meat that includes lean pork steaks, I agree that this weekend we’ll give them a go. Starting with pork pan-fried in a balsamic and orange honeyed mix served with an avocado, watercress and orange salad, accompanied by crispy potatoes for H and wild rice for me.

It was rather delicious, although the rice worked better than the potatoes – perhaps I’ll make this with mash next time. And tomorrow I think we’ll try pork schnitzel…

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