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Jamie’s chicken pie, carrot smash & french-style peas

February 15, 2011

It’s Tuesday, so it’s Jamie Oliver night! Everyone who’s made it has recommended Jamie’s chicken pie recipe, so I’ve got big expectations.

It’s a fairly simple recipe – certainly far simpler than my own chicken pie recipe (which I’ll post here one of these days, after I’ve roasted a chicken to create the leftovers and the stock for the pie…). I halved the pie recipe and reduced the carrot smash and peas quantities to a third, and this was still rather generous.

The chicken pie was scrumptious. I was really impressed by the mashed carrots and I’ll certainly be making peas this way again. The whole shebang lived up to the hype.

On a side note, I’ve been buying own-brand goods a lot recently and I’ve come to the certain conclusion that it really is worth spending extra on OXO cubes. The supermarket ones just don’t dissolve as well, and I could really taste the improvement in tonight’s meal. Value tinned tomatoes, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable so long as you’re cooking them, rather than turning them into a  cheeky little salsa.

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