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The Waterman, Cambridge

February 12, 2011

I really wanted this to be good. The staff were very friendly and helpful, the decor was a little more sophisticated than your typical watering hole (real plants and everything). So it’s a shame the food was so disappointing. It’s partly my fault for breaking the cardinal rule: “Never order the only pasta dish on the menu”. If you want Italian go to a restaurant – in a pub you’re safest with pie.

In fairness to them the staff seemed very disappointed that I left the undercooked tagliatelle in its insipid creamy chicken, (leek) and mushroom sauce (I did hunt for the leek and found hints that some had been near the dish) and offered us free drinks or dessert as recompense. They were also very good about finding H’s missing egg to complete his gammon and egg meal. To be honest, if they’d cared less I’d feel gratifyingly angry rather than just let down on their failure to deliver. It wouldn’t take much for this place to be really quite fab, if they can just get the kitchen to the same level as their rather impressive front of house service. If they concentrated on getting their core menu to a higher standard they could be really rather impressive.


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