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Jamie Oliver’s spaghetti puttanesca

February 4, 2011

It’s been a while since I had a go at a Jamie meal, and having had a rough few days of it I feel it’s time to put some effort into a rather lovely meal.

I decide to move completely away from the 30 minute challenge (I’ve cooked 30 minute meals to a timer before and it’s exhilarating but really does pile on the pressure). As a result I start by making my own parmantiers or ‘elephant ears’ . Isn’t that a delightful name? I based them on an idiot-proof recipe from This is a lovely way to use up leftover puff pastry and so simple that I think we’ll be having them again.

Due to my rather ludicrous allergy to radishes I also substitute Jamie’s fennel and radish salad for a fennel and cucumber salad with red chili and lemon using a BBC Good Food recipe.

This looked stunning when I set it all out (especially the salad), but I was a little underwhelmed by the flavours. The salad was nice enough, the puttanesca was a rather ordinary pasta sauce, the garlic bread was just that and the chocolate ganache was too rich for my taste. Previous Jamie meals have set the bar so high that I can’t help but find this a little disappointing.

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