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Hungarian goulash with basmati rice

January 29, 2011

My Mum made this for H and my wedding reception and it was lovely – I’ve been planning to try to make my own for a while. A 3  for £10 deal on mince, braising steak and chicken breast in our local supermarket prompted me to give it a go.

It’s the first time (with the exception of a disastrous beef wellington) that I’ve cooked with beef other than mince, so I was a little anxious about the outcome.

Hungarian goulash (serves 4)


250g diced casserole beef
1 onion, diced
4 chestnut mushrooms, sliced
1 romano pepper, sliced
1 1/2 T hot paprika
150 ml beef stock
1 tin tomatoes
sour cream, to serve


1. Coat the beef in a fine layer of flour (shake off any excess) and fry in hot oil, turning until browned

2. Remove the beef from the pan to a casserole dish

3. Fry the onions, pepper and mushrooms in the beef juices

4. Add the paprika and stir

5. Add the hot stock and tinned tomatoes

6. Add the contents of the pan to the casserole dish, cover and cook for 2.5 hours in the oven at 160°C

I found that the easiest way to coat the beef was to put some flour in a small bowl and mix the beef around it quite roughly with a wooden spoon.

I served this in bowls with a bed of basmati rice topped with the goulash and about half a tablespoon of soured cream. It was absolutely delicious, and well worth the long wait as the meat was meltingly tender and the sauce was delightfully thick and full of flavour.

I think this would work as well with pasta as it does with rice, and agree with H that this is another meal that would be even more delicious with a light salad side.


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