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Tagliatelle, lettuce, petits pois and bacon in a creamy sauce

January 28, 2011

I’ve been making quite a few meals of late that are primarily pasta and bacon, and it’s really reminded me that it’s simple to make a regular meal more interesting just by tweaking some of the ingredients.

I like the lightness of the lettuce in this sauce and it works particularly well with tagliatelle, although I think linguine would work well too.

Creamy bacon tagliatelle with lettuce and peas (serves 2)


150g tagliatelle
2 slices smoked bacon, rougly sliced
120g petits pois
100ml chicken stock (cube is fine)
100g curly leaf lettuce, sliced
handful spinach, torn
3 T crème fraiche
grated cheddar, to serve


1. Put the tagliatelle on to cook

2. Dry-fry the bacon until crispy

3. Add the petits pois to the bacon and fry  for two minutes

4. Add the lettuce, spinach, stock and crème fraiche  to the petits pois and bacon and cook over a low heat for five minutes

5.  Drain the tagliatelle and stir into the creamy bacon sauce

6. Serve in bowls with a smattering of grated cheddar

I’m surprised by how well lettuce works in a creamy sauce. I’d like to make this again with spring onions and watercress as well as lettuce.

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