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Spring greens and bacon with creamy farfalle

January 27, 2011

I’ve still got some spring greens left over from the paprika chicken dish I made earlier this week. I used some store cupboard staples to knock a quick evening meal together.

Tonight, H and I agree, is a far greater success than yesterday’s meal. H even goes back for more.

Creamy farfalle, bacon and spring greens (serves 2)


160g farfalle
3 slices smoked back bacon
1/2 red onion, diced
100g spring greens, shredded
2 T crème fraiche (‘light’ is fine)
1 T lemon juice
grated cheddar, to serve


1. Cook the farfalle as per packet instructions

2. Dry-fry the bacon until crisp and then place to one side on kitchen towel to absorb excess grease

3. Drain off all but 1/2 T of the bacon fat and use the remaining fat to fry the red onion

4. Two minutes before the pasta is cooked, add the shredded spring greens to the water

5.  Drain the pasta and greens, reserving some of the cooking water, and add to the red onion

6. Tear in the cooked bacon

7. Mix in the crème fraiche and lemon juice, season and allow to heat through

8. Serve hot with a smattering of grated cheese

I’ve recently discovered that farfalle is the Italian for butterflies and have subsequently renamed them from ‘bows’ in my head. I was equally delighted to learn that penne is Italian for feathers or quills. Conchiglie have always been shells to me.

My favourite translation from Italian though is the tiramisu. It means ‘pick me up’ and just reading the name always makes me smile.

Now that’s a marketer’s kind of dessert.

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