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Jamie Oliver’s rogan josh

January 18, 2011

Previous attempts at cooking curry have proved disastrous, so I confine myself to chicken tikka or jalfrezi from a jar at home, and rely on rare take-aways for something more exotic. This is a leap of faith – particularly as I’m not overly sold on the concept of a vegetarian rogan josh.

The recipe calls for chickpeas, butternut squash and spinach, all of which I like. As well as coriander and cauliflower, which my inner brat thinks are ‘icky’. I am resolved to eat more adventurously this year (bar potatoes and fish and… well, anyway) so make no substitutions or omissions.

We’re quite impressed with the flavour, although we do leave it to simmer for longer than the given time for a softer texture when mashed. It is definitely a successful curry, which is ground-breaking for me, but I think I agree with H’s synopsis: “Needs lamb”.

It’s certainly given me the confidence to think I may well have another go at making my own lamb rogan josh.

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